Sunday, 11 August 2013

Moving in date Aug 14th

A lot has happened in the last month: most of the main building work is now finished but there are a few "snag list" items to clear inside the house and the path around the side is only partially completed. Inside we have all carpets down, curtains up, blinds up in most windows, new shelves in the little bedroom (designed by Lis) and a Sliderobes wardrobe in our main bedroom. This last few days we have been moving up items like books, clothes and kitchen items as well as putting put pictures and photos. It now looks like "our home" and 37 Spring Close is beginning to look a bit emptier as we move items out.

Friday, 12 July 2013

July 12th 2013 update

Things are really moving forwards now.
  • The kitchen and utility rooms are essentially complete and tiled and awaiting vinyl flooring on Tuesday and appliances thereafter. 
  • Blinds are going in generally the week after. 
  • The studio is finished apart from some painting and blinds. 
  • The guest bedroom is finished apart from some painting and blinds. 
  • The garden room (Lis calls it the Jardinador) is finished just awaiting blinds. 
  • The little bedroom is awaiting fancy shelving and blinds.
  • Our main bedroom is almost complete with Sliderobes due to fit wardrobe Aug 9th. 
  • The en-suite structure (walls and ceiling) is in place as is the bath, but not the vanity unit, basin, toilet or tiles.  
  • Outside, the patio and path to it has been laid but not paths/driveway elsewhere.
  • All carpets ordered.
  • Curtains ordered for small bedroom and main bedroom.
  • Furniture ordered for hall and lounge
  • Fire surround marble should be ready next week.

Sunday, 16 June 2013

June 16th pictures

These are images taken today or in the last few days showing progress inside and out.