Sunday, 17 March 2013

Getting started

The period between buying the property in December and early March was a bit of a phoney war with plans being drawn up and a builder chosen but nothing physical actually happening. Winter was not a good time to start work.

Lots of time was spend measuring with the tape measure and late in February we managed a little gardening tidying up leaves.

Work on renovation actually started on March 3rd. Since that date work has progressed fast with all the wallpaper and ceilings stripped and in the process of being replastered. Much of the electrics has started, where possible and foundations have been dug for the 2 rear extensions - the studio and the sun room. The gas fire and old rear boiler have been removed and a new "hole" made in the lounge wall for the new fire. We have chosen a fire type York Small 3 from Ivett and Read, but not yet ordered it. All radiators have also been removed. Outside the front of the bungalow there are piles of bricks and blocks and a very large skip and pile of sand is occupying the driveway.

Today we sanded and recoated the garden bench. We've ordered new trellis for the long fence in the back garden and this is due to be fitted in the next 2-3 weeks. We recoated the garden shed a couple of weeks ago when the weather was (for a couple of days) fine.

The renovations to the windmill started about the same time. This week the cap was removed and the sails were removed a couple of weeks earlier.

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