Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Early April update

Weather still bitterly cold but some signs that milder weather on its way. The fence to the left in the rear garden has been replaced nicely by "Bob the builder" and looks good.

At the weekend I treated the long fence (not ours) with a fence protection coating. Today (April 3rd) the new trellis is being fitted along the long west edge of the garden: a stretch of about 20m.

Inside the bungalow itself, most walls have been replastered and the sun room extension is now taking shape with walls up to the windows built, windows fitted and the wood for the roof in place.  In the lounge, the carpenter is about to start on the long book shelf along the south wall.

Work as started on the studio extension, up to foundation level and the structure for the internal wall between the old garage and studio is in place. The door through to the studio has been partially opened up but not broken through completely yet.

At the Pool's in No 5, plans have been submitted for their rear
extension about 2.5m long.

The windmill next door has its top and sails off and scaffolding erected. People are removing the old windmill rendering. The end of the close is busy with builders vehicles and likely to remain so for some time yet.

In Phil Baker's garden, the foundations have been laid for the large extension to his bungalow.

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