Thursday, 9 May 2013

May 15th update

Work underway on the utility room extension
The trellis went up early in April and building work has been proceeding well.

The sun room extension is almost complete now - walls, windows, plastering, painting, roof, radiators in place.

The footings are in for the utility room and the en-suite extensions were put in last week. Building the walls of the utility room started this week and is complete up to the window level.

Work started on fitting the kitchen unit shells last week.

The gas fire was ordered from Ivett and Reed.

Work on the studio at the rear of the garage is slow: the basic walls are in place but the door has not been knocked through from the guest bedroom yet and nothing internally is near completion.

Most of the roof tile/felt replacement work was carried  out in the second half of April.

Based on current progress, I think we are 2-3 months away from moving in. 

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